Free day horoscope


You'll be extremely generous with those in your midst and you'll be able to acquire everyone's respect. Don't overdo things; just be delicate with your partner. There's no need to let off steam. You'll soon see that things will work out for the best.


After so much effort you'll finally get the confirmation you were looking for and you'll be great at multi-tasking. Positive Stars are on the cards so expect great harmony and intense emotions with your partner.


Try not to come up against your superior as this could make work relations difficult and you could lose respect. You'll have a peaceful time at home with your beloved and the family. You'll speak of past events and remember some great times together.


Don't make a mountain out of a molehill, even if you feel that you can't find the right solution to a problem straight away. Try to stay calm. You'll be able to make your relationship harmonious by listening to your beloved's demands and trying to be a little more available when he or she needs you.


You'll feel strong, with new interests which you'll share with a colleague who will fully approve. You'll organize a short trip which you've wanted to go on for some time and your loved one will accompany you.


Your skills will be admired and others will try to emulate you so that they can quickly solve all their own problems. You'll be able to meet new people and flirt with a new acquaintance who has a fantastic body. Try not to get too involved.


Your work routine could be threatened by someone who'll try to overpower you. Your serenity will help you defend yourself. A really small fight with your loved one, caused by something insignificant, will make you feel blue. Try not to raise your voice.


Try not to accumulate too much stress; face Life's problems once at a time. Somebody will cause irritation to your relationship; try not to be too critical and don't get bitter.


If something doesn't go quite right, don't take it out on anyone as this is simply due to excessive workload; it's nobody's fault. You'll be very constructive and will try to strengthen your relationship by taking on responsibilities and putting your beloved at the center of your attention.


You'll soon be able to overcome all your difficulties but try not to invade co-workers' space if you don't want to be criticized. You'll feel terrified by your loved one's provocations in front of your friends. You hate things like this and will react really badly.


The situation is looking to open up and you'll be able to make new deals which will help you consider new outlets. Your partner will flatter you and you'll want to go along with his or her new initiatives but make sure you communicate clearly what you really want.


You'll try to avoid taking responsibility, maybe putting it on to others but just make sure the boss doesn't find out. You'll be able to highlight your talents of seduction and you'll have success with a new flame who attracts by his or her mysterious ways.