Free day horoscope


You'll relive old passions which will make you reflect on opportunities neglected over time. Don't let them slip by again. Mars' and Pluto's movements make this an unfavorable period for emotions and sentimentality and those in a relationship will have problems. If you are single, you'll find it difficult to approach people.


Fights are likely with a person who is not interested in others' efforts and incapable of understanding managerial difficulties. If you are single, devote today to a new acquaintance. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, use today to improve it.


You'll have valid opportunities but the stars are not in your favor so you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference. A new acquaintance will appreciate you when you relate your emotional affairs. He or she will be impressed by you and enjoy your company.


Small satisfactions will cheer you up and make you more dynamic, favoring new projects which will stimulate you to give your best. You'll have a strange sensation and will fear being taken for a ride by your beloved; you'll want total control and will look through his or her personal belongings.


You'll probably be upset by some news; this could come form a credit institute or an impatient supplier. The Stars suggest a little news on the romantic front; this will be a care-free period and you can look forward to some unforgettable moments.


You'll have many problems to face but will also be able to count on someone's help. You will try anything to intensify your private life. Try to meet new people who'll follow you straight away in new tasks and with new ardor you'll conquer lonely hearts.


Your great results will spur you on to do even better; you'll have a more complete vision of the situation. You'll have to take important decisions for your future. You partner will set ultimatums but you'll try to escape.


You'll want to change your habits, stop being so lazy, become punctual and ready for everything! If something isn't going quite right, give your beloved a kiss and you'll see you'll be instantly forgiven. Serenity and enthusiasm to go forward will return as good as new.


Stick to the tasks you've been given and don't be hot-headed as this will irritate a superior who could say something you don't deserve. A romantic atmosphere and there are many positive stimuli. You'll have a strong urge to be pro-active and involve your loved one in everything you do.


You'll relive old passions which will make you reflect on opportunities neglected over time. Don't let them slip by again. Try to overcome your desire for novelty and try to stay by your loved one's side as he or she feels a little left out at the moment.


You will be able to rely on a freelancer who will protect you from the negativity of someone in your firm. During this period, you'll feel close to your beloved and try out new activities together. These will be great stress relievers and you'll soon get back your joie de vivre.


You'll be excited by an opportunity for professional growth which encourages you to do as much as possible. A great period whereby you'll have moments of well-being and mutual gentleness with your partner.