Free day horoscope


You'll show just how valuable you are for your firm; just be careful of your punctuality. You'll be able to stabilize your relationship and feel intense emotions.


You'll complete some great business deals and put yourself forward for a different task or promotion but try to use the right tone of voice. A heated disagreement is likely regarding domestic issues. Deal with this.


Be careful - someone who works closely with you is very envious of you. This is a phase where your relationship is consolidated. You'll have the sensation that doubts and uncertainties are finally over.


You probably will have differing points of view to a rival at work. Mars' and Pluto's movements make this an unfavorable period for emotions and sentimentality and those in a relationship will have problems. If you are single, you'll find it difficult to approach people.


This is an important phase, full of good news. You can look forward to stimulating duties. Expect to make several important choices for your relationship like having a child together.


You'll be able to finalize an important deal which concerns your salary, earnings and career progression. Something will make your relationship unstable; this could be your presumptuous behavior which will irritate your partner.


If you act prudently, you'll have excellent occasions for higher than usual income. Finally you will reap the fruits of your efforts. You'll gradually come out of this chaotic phase and will discover new interests. In this way your relationship will improve and you'll feel happier.


Relationships with co-workers will be difficult. Someone will behave unprofessionally and this will upset you. You'll be able to clear up a misunderstanding with someone you are fond of. Don't let this opportunity slip you by. If you are in a relationship, go slowly and carefully.


You'll find the right solution at the right moment; you'll forget past upset and finally, after so much bitterness, you'll obtain personal satisfaction. Don't suffocate your feelings, you should have been open from the start even if you are afraid you may get a negative response from the person you have your eye on.


Don't take an unexpected event too lightly as this risks becoming a problem which will take ages to solve. Don't be too servile towards your beloved. Simply try to be affable and go along with his or her wishes in a reasonable way.


After so much effort you'll finally get the confirmation you were looking for and you'll be great at multi-tasking. Wait for the right time to tell your loved one what you think of him or her; you risk jeopardizing his or her efforts of this last phase.


After so much effort you'll finally get the confirmation you were looking for and you'll be great at multi-tasking. Don't tell your partner any lies as he or she is checking up on you and you could be caught out.