Free day horoscope


A stagnant phase where not much news is on the cards. Do not let this get you down as things will soon go smoothly once more. You'll be very generous and kind to your partner but this won't be mutual; avoid serious discussions and wait patiently for a better phase.


If you want to earn more, the Stars advise you to come out of your shell and discuss plans with colleagues. Somebody will cause irritation to your relationship; try not to be too critical and don't get bitter.


You'll realize that there's a hostile, tense atmosphere. Don't worry; act as normal. Don't tell your partner any lies as he or she is checking up on you and you could be caught out.


You'll have more intuition and will be able to make the most of current opportunities. Don't raise your voice towards colleagues. Don't suffocate your feelings, you should have been open from the start even if you are afraid you may get a negative response from the person you have your eye on.


You are too demanding at work and expect too much from your employers so try to settle for what you have and be patient. You'll be melancholy and this will make you isolate yourself and avoid your loved one; however you will be expected to give explanations for this behavior.


You'll be lively, inventive and with great resolve towards a complex task which risks altering your inner harmony. Something is not working in your relationship and you'll feel a strong desire for a momentary break and some independence to reflect on your future.


Don't be controlled by your negative side and you'll be firm in your principles. Finally, you'll be calmer and worry less. You'll be brusque and act jealously towards your beloved as you'll be annoyed by his or her excessive interest in a friend.


Deal with an arrogant, over-confident colleague who will try to make you edgy. Stay calm and be indifferent. Your loved one will show you the intensity of his or her feelings without asking for anything in exchange. Be careful however you don't go too far and try to be fair towards your partner.


You can't go back on a new task which asks for more responsibility, time and prestige. If something isn't going quite right, give your beloved a kiss and you'll see you'll be instantly forgiven. Serenity and enthusiasm to go forward will return as good as new.


You'll have to deal with a hostile person who has heaps of initiative. He or she will interfere in a work matter. A great period whereby you'll have moments of well-being and mutual gentleness with your partner.


Try not to come up against your superior as this could make work relations difficult and you could lose respect. Reflect before taking an important decision which you could later regret.


You'll have all you need in order to enjoy and build on the quality of your life; don't change anything and stop being inconstant. You'll be very delicate and attentive to your partner's demands and this will allow you to obtain complete flexibility when facing any kind of problem.