Free day horoscope


Be careful - someone who works closely with you is very envious of you. The Stars advise you to avoid being invasive with your beloved so avoid calling him or her too much and you'll soon see you'll get more back.


Someone will try to belittle your capacity, putting your work into a bad light; try to discover this person's real intentions. You will tend to be hesitant and impatient towards a friend who attracts you a great deal but who doesn't seem interested in you. So don't wear yourself down and look elsewhere.


You won't start this phase with much enthusiasm but the opportunity to improve your earnings will give you the drive to fight! You'll be able to take the initiative and make out with a fascinating person who you will meet through a friend.


If you act prudently, you'll have excellent occasions for higher than usual income. Finally you will reap the fruits of your efforts. Your loved one's attitude will remind you of an old flame. You'll discuss this openly being very sincere towards your partner.


You'll get great results by working in partnership with someone in whom you previously had little faith. Have faith in your beloved. He or she will realize how much of an effort you are making and will do anything to comfort and reassure you.


You'll have your head in the clouds and you'll deal with your daily routine in a superficial manner. Don't get distracted. The Stars suggest a phase of intense emotions; your partner will be close and kind to you.


You'll find it easy to do your duty and you'll deal effectively and collaboratively with every task you are given. You'll be very capricious; your beloved will make some suggestions but your mind will be on other things and this may lead to minor tiffs.


Problems are on the cards as someone is trying to hinder your progress; this could be an envious co-worker who wants to harm you. You'll be irresistible; if you are single, everyone will be interested in you and if you are in a relationship, your partner will be more loving towards you.


If you don't want to miss out on any opportunities, you'll have to prepare and plan all your duties and try to be super organized. You will have to stand by your loved one in everything he or she proposes, trying to make him or her understand that you will give the best of yourself.


You'll have heaps of work but great opportunities to highlight your strengths. However be open and loyal towards co-workers. You'll be fanciful, imaginative and feel like doing something different. This will stimulate you to give the best of yourself. Expect to make new acquaintances.


You'll be highly convincing, will win over co-workers with your banter but don't talk too much. You are too taken with your egocentrical attitude and you don't realize that your are putting your relationship to the test, making it empty and devoid of initiative.


If you persevere, you'll be able to work faster than usual and conclude very well paid deals. Give your partner some space. Put off talking about private matters until a later date when you're sure about your partner's feelings for you.