Free day horoscope


You'll be very frugal and balanced; your vision of things will be elevated and you'll manage your finances admirably. You'll be punctilious and capricious towards your partner. You'll want him or her to give in to all your whims and will listen to no advice whatsoever. Try not to go too far.


Things will go smoothly and you won't need any help whatsoever. Do not trust your instinct which will be put to the test by your loved one's unexpected attitude, so try to stay cautious.


You'll be firm in a tricky situation and worn out by the excessive amount of work you'll need to do. Something will have a negative effect on your choices; beware of false friends who maybe intend to harm you.


A person close to you will make an attractive offer which you can fulfill masterly. Moreover, more earnings are forecast. You'll be very stubborn and jealous towards your loved one. You'll try to set limits and prevent him or her from making choices without you.


You'll be very prudent with money and will tend to limit spending. You'll try to save as much as possible to prepare for difficult times. You and your partner will be able to satisfy some of your whims and enjoy this evening in an exclusive atmosphere.


Today you'll have good intuition which will let you make shrewd investments and increase income. Your frenetic desire to start up a new relationship will mean you'll make mistakes; you must be more patient and have respect for your loved one.


You'll be amazed to see such magnificent results - well done! Continue like this with determination and you'll be very successful. Involuntarily, you'll go to meet a friend and see your loved one talking to someone. This will make you angry and jealous.


You can gain your collaborators' trust by involving them in the current situation. They'll be understanding and helpful. Avoid talking too much about yourself and ask your beloved for advice on how to act when faced with a family matter which has concerned you for some time.


You'll be able to get a new position or obtain a promotion. Just don't trip yourself up. An abuse of power will put you into a bad mood and will make you more impatient towards your partner. Try not be impulsive.


Stick to the tasks you've been given and don't be hot-headed as this will irritate a superior who could say something you don't deserve. Avoid being over-dramatic just to get your partner's attention - it's far better to be open.


At work you'll be noticed and will be singled out as being one of the best in your field. This means you'll be able to ask for a pay rise. The Stars will look favorably down on you and will give you a lovely, positive phase, putting a spark into your relationship. You will do all you can to satisfy your loved one.


Someone will try to take advantage of your goodness and availability. Try to find out who to risk being trodden on. The Stars suggest a little news on the romantic front; this will be a care-free period and you can look forward to some unforgettable moments.