Free day horoscope


It won't be difficult to honor your duties but you'll be exhausted and will want to relax your mind and body. Your beloved will do all he or she can to help with your everyday problems and will suggest an evening out for you to forget your worries.


You'll rack your brains to give your best; this is a useful and happy period. Expect small quarrels over foolish matters; try not to be stubborn or conservative and this will give you passion and equilibrium once more.


You'll be tireless and will draw from your inexhaustible energy to do things smoothly; you'll face all duties confidently and thoroughly. You'll want some tranquility so will avoid crowded places and talkative people.


You'll be very pleased with the way you tackled a particular duty at work. Promotion and extra earnings are on the cards. You'll be fascinating and sensual; it'll be easy to conquer others and you'll be able to start up a new relationship if you are single.


You'll be amazed to see such magnificent results - well done! Continue like this with determination and you'll be very successful. Misunderstandings are on the cards and these are due to your excessive curiosity but a favorable Moon will help you to clarify things.


Don't get influenced by events, keep calm; it's only by staying firm and decisive that you will solve the problems of the recent phase. You'll be very disappointed to discover that a person you thought was interesting and stimulating is, in fact, insignificant.


It won't be difficult to honor your duties but you'll be exhausted and will want to relax your mind and body. You'll happily accept a loved one's advice; you'll act with spirit and will overcome an obstacle which you thought was insurmountable.


You'll make a risqué comment to a boss who lately has had his or her head in the clouds. You'll be very exuberant and kind and cheer up all those around you who will show you their appreciation and respect.


You'll have the support of a very diligent co-worker to get out of a complex situation which requires time and patience. Sentimentally, a negative day; your loved one will criticize you for incorrect behavior towards him or her and this will hurt your self-esteem.


Relationships with co-workers will be difficult. Someone will behave unprofessionally and this will upset you. This is a fantastic phase, your charming ways will win over new acquaintances and you'll have the chance to start up a new relationship.


A good moment for making new contacts; these could be influential soon as regards your future choices. A great period whereby you'll have moments of well-being and mutual gentleness with your partner.


You'll face every single decision with determination and energy, not really letting others intervene but try not to rile your superiors. There's a reason for your negative state of mind but try not to be pessimistic as this could lead to a break up.