Free day horoscope


You'll speak to a superior about a misunderstanding which put you in a bad light. Fortunately you'll manage to clear things up. You'll treat your partner with great tenderness and will want to spend as much time as possible together. This will make you aware of your deep feelings.


A positive phase, especially if you are self-employed. You'll make great investments and increased earnings. There is a stellium of planets in your sign; this will make you more objective and you'll find the right words to soothe your partner's heated opinions.


You'll carry out a new duty with great responsibility and will complete it. This will lead to praise and thanks. This is a phase where your relationship is consolidated. You'll have the sensation that doubts and uncertainties are finally over.


You won't be very happy work wise and will be touchy and irascible. The stars advise being more approachable. If you are in a relationship, avoid allusions and criticism as these could lead to separation.


You'll reflect before taking any major decisions. Just be careful when seeking advice from those more experienced than you. You'll make a close friend angry with you by defending your beloved to the end; try not to argue and smooth things over.


You'll be very coherent and decisive when dealing with all problems. Your loved one will hinder you in postponing a decision which concerns your future together. However don't worry because eventually he or she will understand your reasons.


Something you had taken for granted will no longer go ahead as planned; however positive energy from the Stars will show you the right way forward. Expect small misunderstandings with your loved one due to your obstinacy to ask for the impossible.


A great phase, full of ingenious ideas which you could put into action with the collaboration of those around you. A really small fight with your loved one, caused by something insignificant, will make you feel blue. Try not to raise your voice.


Good news will make you more positive and kinder towards others. You'll also be more willing to help out at work. You should really try to work on your relationship and build it on solid principles. Your partner seems no longer to have faith in you despite the fact that your feelings are still intense.


You will cast away your worries and will live daily life in a better way. Maybe you can off-load some work onto a colleague? Today you'll have a great deal of respect for coupledom and you'll try to distract your loved one by making him or her make small changes.


You'll be able to enjoy this phase by slowing down and simplifying your life. You'll have an excellent opportunity to go out with new acquaintances. Be careful to not say any lies to your loved one as he or she will check every step you take.


Good news will make you more positive and kinder towards others. You'll also be more willing to help out at work. You'll feel intense emotions when you meet a person who was very important to you in the past.